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Bridge over the Angara - located on the river Angarabelow Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station.

Ust-Ilimsky bridge over the Angara

History of creation

The decision to build a bridge was made. November 4th 1963 of the year.

Built by a team of assemblers of the Krasnoyarsk Bridge Detachment N7 in 1972 year (according to other data in 1973). The length of the bridge is 812 meters, the height above the water surface is 24 meters. The bridge is designed for 23 tons of cargo. In 1979, an operation was carried out to expand the bridge by 1 meter 70 cm. This was required to create a special highway for freight traffic.

Now the bridge consists of two branches. The right branch (cargo bridge) is intended for the movement of cargo transport, the left (upper bridge) - automobile and public.

The bridge over the Angara is built so that the left bank is equally located in relation to the site of the forestry complex and to the city center on the right bank. Roads are built with regard to the separation of the canvas for the movement of the Khlystovoz.

- Master Plan of the city of Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Region (adjustment).[1]

The rails were originally laid along the left branch. AT 2000 year rails asphalted.

Bridge repair

The bridge needed overhaul. Reconstruction of the bridge began in March 2011 of the year. The total amount allocated for repair work - 225 million. 362 thousand rubles. Of these, 109 million are funds from the federal budget, 109 are from the regional budget, and the rest was invested by the city. Reconstruction was carried out on the upper part of the bridge. All coverings will be removed (asphalt, under which there were rails and rotten wooden base) and replaced with new reinforced concrete slabs. The change of coverage was planned to be completed by October 2011 of the year. The repair itself was planned to be completed within a year. [2]

March 22 2011 the year the movement on the left branch was blocked - repair of the bridge began. In the reconstruction of the bridge, advanced technologies and modern materials were used - bridge construction as waterproofing and special polymer mesh as reinforcement, asphalt concrete with polymer additives. The work went ahead of schedule. Originally it was planned to carry out the reconstruction of the bridge during two construction seasons.[3]

20 November 2011 years, the opening of the bridge after repair.[4].

Dismantled the coating of timber, rail track. Instead, they laid reinforced concrete slabs, waterproofing and new asphalt. In addition, they repaired the supports, made new expansion joints and borders. Spent drainage, lighting, painted span structures. Contractors sought to open the movement in the winter, to relieve the lower part of the bridge. Road builders have complaints about the quality of asphalt concrete of the upper layer, which was prepared at the nearest plant of a third-party organization. It was used to use it in time for winter and to protect the main, high-quality layer of asphalt. In spring, the temporary top will be removed and laid permanent.


Bridge over the Angara, with one more branch

Also one branch [6]

Photo source: Folk Encyclopedia Ust-IlimNotes

Master Plan of the city of Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Region (adjustment). Book 1. Pp. eight. Reconstruction of the bridge over the Angara in Ust-Ilimsk will begin in MarchOverhaul of the bridge in Ust-Ilimsk will end before November

Opening the bridge on the site "My Ust-Ilim"The bridge in Ust-Ilimsk was overhauled[7][8]

The bridge in Ust-Ilimsk was overhauled

History of the city in photos -2

Details about Ust-Ilimsk[11]

Where did the railway go?

"When work is to your liking" Bulletin of Ust-Ilimsk TIC, March 14, 2012[12]


Bridge over the Angara[13]

Ust-Ilimsky bridge

Ust-Ilimsk authorities will sell half of the bridge

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