Ghana Won’t Spend A Diem on Syrian Refugees


The Ghana Refugee Board says the upkeep of some Syrian Refugees who will be seeking asylum in Ghana is at no cost to the Ghanaian tax payer.

The Ghanaian government has agreed to provide humanitarian assistance to persons from Syria following the crisis in that country.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hanna Tetteh explained that government decided to allow relatives of members of the Syrian community already resident in Ghana who have been displaced as a result of the conflict in their country to resettle in Ghana.

Currently, there are 94 Syrian refugees in Ghana. But some Ghanaians have raised concerns citing the possible security threat the refugees may pose.

The Project Manager of the Ghana Refugee Board, Tetteh-Padi stated that the Syrian community in Ghana foots the bills of the refugees.

“They are being looked after by other Syrian families but they have to register when they come into the country if they want to seek asylum. I can state categorically that the Syrian refugees who have come in have not been at any cost, whatsoever to the state”, he said.

The board had been consulted before Rwandees and Syrian refugees were brought to Ghana, according to him.




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