President Mahama Accepts Power Minister’s Resignation


Ghana’s President John Mahama has accepted the resignation of Power Minister, Dr Kwabena Donkor.

The embattled Minister tendered in his resignation on Thursday, after a dramatic climax to a torrid 11-month tenure in which he made the attempt to solve a four-year-old power crisis that crippled the country.

His ministry had issued a statement the day before, announcing an end to the load shedding debacle which had left scores of people dead through fires, generator fumes with several others losing their jobs and companies.

But GRIDco and the Load Shedding Committee issued a counter statement 24 hours later denying that load shedding had come to an end, praying for more time to conclusively solve the problem.

GRIDco admitted though that a lot had been done but there remained other “residual milestones to attain before load shedding will be over.”

The conflicting information about the load shedding situation added to the sorry tale of broken promises by officialdom to solve the menace.

In the midst of the new conflict in the status of the load shedding regime, the president was reported to have warned the Power Minister to resign or be forced out of office as he himself promised when he was appointed in February 2015.

He told the media that on the 31st December, 2015 he would resign before being sacked if load shedding policy was still in place.

The president in his 31st December message to Ghanaians said he would sack all appointees or force them to resign if they fail to deliver on their promises to Ghanaians.

A two-sentence statement issued on the dawn of January 1, 2016, said the president has “accepted the resignation of Dr Kwabena Donkor (MP) as Minister of Power.”

“The president thanked him for his services as the pioneer minister for the ministry of Power which was carved out of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum,” the statement said.



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