Presidency Receives A-G Report on Branding of Buses


Ghana’s Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Mrs. Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong has presented her report on the review of the controversial bus branding to the Chief of Staff.

Julius Debrah received the report he commissioned for a review of the contract for the spraying and branding of 116 buses of the Bus Rapid Transit system.

The Attorney-General, acting on the directive, submitted the report on Tuesday to the Chief of Staff.

The buses where were branded at a reported cost of 3.6 million Ghana cedis have generated public anger in the country.

Many Ghanaians were outraged by the cost of the branding prompting the Chief of Staff to write to the A-G to review the contract and furnish his office with her findings by Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Centre for Social Impact Studies (CeSIS), a research and advocacy organization has call on the Mahama-led government to refrain from spending natural resource revenues on items of expenditure that do not inure to the benefit of residents living in frontline communities.

According to the organization, considering the finite nature of natural resource revenues, it is absolutely necessary for government to concentrate expenditure on sectors like education, health, agricultural productivity and infrastructural development.

The Executive Director of CeSIS, Richard Ellimah made the call in a statement he issued in Accra today to react to the government’s decision to spend GHC 3.6 million to rebrand 116 Metro Mass Transit buses in the country.

It stated: “This is the only way that the people of Ghana can collectively benefit from the exploitation of their natural resources”.

 The wanton use of natural resource revenues for such reckless expenditures should give every Ghanaian cause for concern. Natural resource revenues are not like other conventional sources of revenue available to the state, the statement lamented.

It explained that; “they are revenues that come from resources that are finite. Furthermore, prices of these natural resources are very volatile and unstable. These two key factors combined dictate that natural resource revenues are utilized prudently to ensure that the state derives optimum benefit from their extraction”.



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