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  • January 31 - February 2 - the second city tournament in the shooting of airguns, dedicated to the memory of the legendary sniper of the Battle of Stalingrad, Hero of the Soviet Union - Vasily Zaitsev. [1]
  • February 10 - on the night of February 9-10, surveillance cameras Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station recorded the presence of a lynx, and on February 10, the townspeople saw it. [2].
  • 25 February - Moscow, at the meeting of the bureau of the Supreme Council of the party "United Russia", the mayor Ust-Ilimsk V.S. Tashkinov handed a party ticket to the party "United Russia".[3]
  • March 13 - for the first time in the city competition "Snowman"[4].
  • 20th of March - near DK «Company» и DK names the smallest held off the winter.
  • March 22 - movement on the left branch Bridge over the Angara was blocked - repair of the bridge began
  • April 6 - Mayor of Ust-Ilimsk Vladimir Tashkinov took part in the meeting of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the heads of municipalities, which was held in the building of the prefecture of the Western administrative district at 14:00. Agenda - "Issues of improvement of territories of municipalities." [5]
  • April 17 - for the first time in the city, at school N17 passed Yoga Marathon[6].
  • June 8 - the 9th of June - representatives of Consulting Company Koncretika visited the city. The purpose of the visit was to develop the brand of the city of Ust-Ilimsk. On June 9, a meeting was held in the City Administration with the residents of the city.[7][8]
  • 12 June - celebration City Day.
  • June 15 - in the capital of Norway Oslo Natalya Ivanishinajournalist newspaper Ust-Ilim truth received an international award "Free Press in Eastern Europe" named after Gerd Bucerius.[9]
  • 22nd of June - number of pages Ust-Ilimsk Wikipedia reached 300 pages.
  • July 2 - holding Ilimpiad 2011 on the day of the group company science
  • July 10 - The first table tennis tournament among adults was held at school N8 for the prizes of Irina Bondarenko, the Chairman of the City Duma of Ust-Ilimsk[10]
  • July 16 - July 17th - on the shore Mirundinsky Bay Ust-Ilimsk reservoir will be held a traditional festival of bard songs "Ilimsk Lira 2011»[11]
  • 21 July - at 143 km of the Bratsk - Ust-Ilimsk highway, while trying to avoid a collision with a moose that suddenly jumped onto the road, a 44-year-old driver of the Toyota Harrier car died. To avoid a collision, he abruptly turned the steering wheel, the car fell into a roadside ditch and turned over. [12]
  • July 28th - in Ust-Ilimsk, at a frequency of 66.02 VHF, a radio station “Silver rain»[13].
  • August 13 - the first time in the city was "Brides festival»[14].
  • September 26 - Mayor of Ust-Ilimsk, Vladimir Sergeevich Tashkinov, awarded with the anniversary medal "In memory of the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk"[15]
  • September 26 - Mayor of Ust-Ilimsk, Vladimir Sergeevich Tashkinov, awarded with the anniversary medal "In memory of the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk"[16]
  • October 1-2 - in Ust-Ilimsk the first city tournament in the military-tactical laser tag game called “Siberian character - 2011» [17]
  • October 7th - an accident occurred in the heat supply system at the equipment of the TVSiK UI CHP plant. As a result, more than 400 apartments were left without heating.[18].
  • October 12 - the first train went by the Ust-Ilimsk-Vikhorevka message.[19].
  • 20 November - at 11 o'clock the solemn opening of the upper bridge took place after a major overhaul[20]

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