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  • 1st of January - MUP UI Housing and Public Utilities officially ceased operations. Residents of the city, for the most part, managed the housing fund by LLC UI Housing and Public Utilities-2008.
  • March - ceased to exist Ust-Ilimsky brewery.
  • April 13 - 8 deputies of the city’s fourth convocation resigned. According to the Charter of Ust-Ilimsk, a local representative body is considered legitimate in the permissible composition of 17 people. In the conditions of the resignation of 8 deputies at once, the city council lost its capacity.
  • July 24 - mayor Ust-Ilimsk Victor Doroshok sentenced to nine years in prison with a sentence being served in a high security colony.
  • July - in the city Ust-Ilimsk The writer V. Rasputin paid a visit.
  • July - in the year of youth the ascent to the top of Elbrus took place, 30 people from different parts of Russia participated in the conquest. The expedition was visited by our countryman - the head of the department for youth affairs - Artem Lobkov.
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