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  • January 3 - M.Vasilyev, the renowned foreman of the integrated brigade, was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor.
  • 4 January - By order of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the USSR, a department for the construction of Ust-Ilimsk.
  • 5 January - the first passenger train Irkutsk - Ust-Ilimsk left the station Irkutsk[1].
  • January 20th - open Kindergarten N9 "Teremok"
  • March 1 - at Ust-Ilimsk delivered the first generator with a capacity of 240 thousand kilowatts. For its transportation by rail required a composition of 20 platforms.
  • March 15th - team I. M. Kalinkina completed the assembly of the fourth hydraulic unit.
  • May 19 - 11 hours in a row raging fire on the pressure face of the dam[2]. Hydrobuilders heroically won back their offspring from the fire and defeated the element. At the conclusion of an authoritative commission, the main structures of the hydroelectric complex were not damaged.
  • June 26 - at Ust-Ilimsk arrived All-Union shock Komsomol squad named after Nikolai Ostrovsky. More than a thousand young men and women from 40 territories, regions, autonomous and union republics came to build Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station, city, LPK.
  • August 7 - the impeller of the first start-up unit is lowered into the crater and installed in working condition.
  • August 13 - the first two 17-tonne panels of the roof of the machine hall were laid GES.
  • August 31 - the motor ship "Ilimsk" delivered the impellers of the second and third electric machines.
  • October 11 - flooding began Ust-Ilimsk reservoir. Closed the first of the seven bottom holes of the dam.
  • October 15 - dam GES blocked the flow of the Angara. Started filling reservoirs Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station.
  • 15th of November - flooded territory Lower Silesian
  • December 4th - legendary Losia forever disappeared under the waters Ust-Ilim Sea. Every day it rises to 60 centimeters. The area of ​​the reservoir exceeded 500 square kilometers.
  • December 6 - Experts of Hydroelectromontage under the leadership of A. M. Velichko, began testing the first starting unit.
  • December 20 - the site went under water, where it was built 343 years ago Ilimsky burg
  • December 20 - at 17.25. local time, the first electric machine of the Ust-Ilimsk hydroelectric complex came to life. At 9/21, the second unit was put into idle.
  • December 29th - Two starting units of the station were put under industrial load.
  • December 30th - gave the industrial current the third unit Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station. The total capacity of the hydroelectric station reached 720 thousand kilowatts.
  • 31th of December - three units Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station taken by the state commission into operation with an "excellent" rating.

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