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Ust-Ilim tram - open September 15th 1988 of the year. Belongs to the category of speed.

According to the project, the main mode of transport in the right bank part Ust-Ilimsk was supposed to be a tram. In the first place, a line should be built connecting the outskirts of the residential area with the industrial zone, then the lines running inside the residential area.

В 2001 year Ust-Ilim tram recognized as the best in Russia.

According to the master plan for the development of the city that existed in the 1980s, the tramway should eventually be in the center of residential development - a residential area should appear to the east of it, in scale almost the same as that built to the west of the tramline. However, in the early 1990s, the massive construction of new homes in the city ceased.

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