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[to rule] Ust-Ilimsk timber industry complex - "Ilim Pulp Enterprise"

Summary of environmental policy on forest management Official information on the environmental aspects of the activities of both the holding and manufacturing companies is well accessible on the holding's website. The company outlined the policy in the field of conservation of HCVF, but practical measures to identify such areas and find a mutually acceptable compromise about their fate are not being taken. The company has a system for tracking the origin of wood, but its effectiveness is unknown. The company has largely conducted voluntary forest certification of leased forests under the FSC scheme. Reports on its production activities are available and contain information on the environmental aspects of the company Environmental policy in the field of forest management

[to rule] general characteristics

UILPK includes Ust-Ilimsky LDZ. Closely associated with UILPK are IlimSibLes logging enterprises owned by Ilim Pulp Enterprise. Belonging to holding: "Ilim Pulp Enterprise" Location: Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk region

[to rule] Primary activity

Production of pulp (sulphate bleached coniferous, unbleached sheet, unbleached pressed), products of wood chemical and biochemical processing, production of lumber and wood products, trade

[to rule] Contacts

"Ilim Pulp Enterprise"

Ust-Ilimsk timber industry complex

[to rule] Manufacture / trade in pulp and paper products

Product (s): Pulp for cooking - 0.66 million tons, commercial pulp (0.61 million tons) Wood consumption (own logging), million dense m3 (2004): 3.6 (2.7) The share of exports of products,%; main importers (2004): Up to 90% of total bleached pulp produced. The main importers are Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, China, Korea, Japan, Tunisia. The origin of wood (2004): Irkutsk region (Own logging companies "Ilim Pulp Enterprise" lease forest areas, "IlimSibLes" - in Igriminskom, Ilim, North, Educhanskom forestries and ULiL - Bratsk, Kezhemsky, Kuitunsk, Primorye, Tanguyskom, Tarminskom, Ust-Udi forestries)

[to rule] Responsible forest policy

Availability of environmental information about the company: "The policy in the field of quality, ecology, occupational safety and health of the open joint-stock company Production Association Ust-Ilimsky Timber Industry Complex," and the environmental policy of Ilim Pulp Enterprise are available on the website of the Ilim Pulp Enterprise management company. Both policies are not contain information about the policy on the procurement of wood, in particular the requirements for its legality, attitude to forests of high conservation value (for example, intact forests) and logging methods. environmental policy as a whole IPE, in particular, "bases its activity on the principles of continuous, sustainable and rational use of forest resources." Information about the company is partially available at The site contains news, press releases of the company, publications about it and the low-circulation newspaper "Bratsky Forest Chemist". Use of wood from HCVF: It is very likely, including from intact forest areas, as well as smaller intact forest areas. In a brief public report on FSC certification, the audit company GFA Terra Systems notes that the company understands HCVF as existing PAs, OZU, forests of the 1st group. In preparation for certification, HCVF were additionally identified, but in small quantities. Timber tracking system and forest management monitoring? A significant part of the timber is received from the IlimSeverLes logging enterprises (the total logging volume is 3.0 million m3), as well as the Timber Logging and Rafting Directorate belonging to Ilim Pulp Enterprise. since 2006, Ust-Ilimsky is planning to introduce a system for monitoring compliance with the environmental requirements of logging by leading third-party suppliers.

[to rule] Certification

1589,944 hectares of forests of the IlimSibLesa group were certified, and 1,055,759 thousand hectares of the ULiL group passed the main audit of FSC certification. In accordance with the plans of Ilim Pulp Enterprise, the main group of logging enterprises in the North-Western and Siberian regions of the corporation will receive a certificate of compliance with the standards of the FSC international certification system at the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006. In 2006, newly acquired logging enterprises or enterprises that are currently renting a logging fund will receive a certificate for forest management. At the same time, the certification of the supply chain "from producer to consumer" will take place. After, in accordance with the FSC requirements, forest certification will be carried out at enterprises that provide 30% of raw material supply for pulp production and 70% of raw material for woodworking production, we can talk about achieving the goal of forest certification in a corporation - bringing it in full compliance with domestic and international standards of corporate forest management and forest use and the creation of conditions for the certification of downstream products. The corporation plans to do this in 2006. Ilim Pulp Enterprise is a member of the WWF Association of Environmentally Responsible Timbermen of Russia. The company is preparing for certification according to the environmental management system in accordance with the international standards of the ISO 14000 series.

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