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Ust-Ilim TPP - one of the largest thermal stations in the structure of OAO Irkutskenergo.


[to rule] general information

Ust-Ilimsk CHP provides heat loads in a pair of JSC "PO UI LPK", heat loads of heating, ventilation, hot water supply, Ust-Ilimsk and enterprises of the industrial site of Ust-Ilimsk LPK. Also UI CHP provides water supply and sewage of Ust-Ilimsk.

The total number of staff at UI CHP on 01.11.2005 is 1212 people.

The location of the Ust-Ilimsk CHP is the city of Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Region, the industrial site of the Ust-Ilimsk timber industry complex.

The full name is the branch of the Irkutsk Open Society of Energy and Electrification Ust-Ilim TPP.

[to rule] Contacts

Address: 666684 Irkutsk Region, Ust-Ilimsk-14, PO Box 330

Phone: 235-95-359

Fax: 235-95-318

EMAIL: [email protected]

[to rule] History

1974 Preparatory work is underway at the main facilities of the industrial site. The main work was led by the company Bratskgestroy. Pits are being prepared, piles are being driven under the foundation of the main building and auxiliary facilities of the CHP, bases are being built to accommodate the arriving equipment. In December, the Vostokenergomontazh Trust began construction and installation work on process equipment and pipelines, metal structures, precast concrete of the main building.

1976 The first batches of metal structures from Romania were unloaded onto the technological site of the heat and power plant. They are designed for mounting the frame of the main building. In March, the station under construction was handed over to the Irkutsk Energo REU.

1977 In November, a team of S. Kochina mounted four cyclones of dust and dust dust at the highest level of the heat and power plant. This moment can be considered the beginning of installation of equipment at WITEC.

1978 year. On June 16, the installation of the first 60 MW steam turbine began. In November, the main building of the CHPP was commissioned;

start-up operations of the first boiler and turbine. November 28, the first unit

included under industrial load. December 26 signed the Act

State Commission on the commissioning of the first turbine and two

boilers Ust-Ilim TPP.

1979 year. In September, the second turbine and the third boiler unit were tested and got under industrial load. 215 installers and welders were involved in their installation.

1980 year The boiler unit of station No. 4 was commissioned. In September it was signed

Acceptance report for operation by the State Acceptance Commission of the turbine unit, item 4, the boiler unit, item 4, was commissioned. In December, it was commissioned into

operation of the service housing.

1981 Commissioned by the construction of the boiler unit number 5.

1983 A certificate of acceptance for operation by the State Acceptance Commission of boiler unit No. 6 was signed.

1984 Commissioned chimney height of 250 meters.

1989 The boiler unit st. No. 7 was put into operation.

1990 year. Closed switchgear is commissioned

110 kV. The turbine unit of station No. 6 with a capacity of 175 MW was commissioned.

1993 year. The cooling tower st. No. 3, 2nd section of the ash dump,

fish industry.

1999 year. The UI CHP includes left-bank heating networks - RTS, which were allocated after the reorganization of the Northern heating networks

2004 At Ust-Ilimsk CHP started industrial combustion of coal from the Zheronsky deposit. The reconstruction of power boilers for burning a new type of fuel has begun.

2005 year. OAO Irkutskenergo has leased the engineering networks of Ust-Ilimsk. UI CHP were transferred to heat networks, water supply and sewerage networks.

[to rule] Technical characteristics of UI CHPP

The installed electrical capacity of the Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Plant is 525 MW, taking into account the remarking in 1991 of the R-50-130 / 13 turbine unit of station No. 2 in R-10-130 / 13. The installed thermal power of the turbine units is 1070 Gcal / h.

In the turbine workshop of Ust-Ilimsk CHP installed:

In the boiler shop there are six boilers of type BKZ-420-140ПТ-2, st. №№ 1 ÷ 5,7 and one pilot industrial boiler type BKZ-420-140-9 st. No. 6 with a steam generating capacity of 420 tons / hour each.

The boiler room installation of stage II of the CHP includes an electric boiler unit (EKU) with a nominal electrical and heat capacity of 92.5 MW and 79.6 Gcal / hr respectively, and consisting of 10 electric water boilers of type KEV-10000/10, 2 КЭВ-10000/6 and 2 electric boilers of type КЭПР-2500/6.

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