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New town - right bank of the city Ust-Ilimsklocated to the south GES.

A distinctive feature of the New City is that the plan for the construction of the city was developed by a group of students of the Leningrad University of Architecture and Construction as part of writing a graduation project on the theme “The City of My Dream”. The main idea of ​​which was the construction of the city in the taiga.

When building residential areas, the basic idea was taken into account, so we tried to cut as few trees as possible into auxiliary areas. And that is why inside the residential areas of the New City you can find islands of centuries-old taiga. The new city has an amazing similarity in the layout of residential areas with the districts of St. Petersburg of the 80s.

Thus, Ust-Ilimsk is perhaps the only city in Russia that was built thanks to the joint work of scientific and industrial bases.

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