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Timber chemist - Ust-Ilimsk hockey team.

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Created by 1976 V. G. Kurov under the Construction Administration of the Ust-Ilimsk timber industry complex under the name “Builder”. Repeated champion of the Irkutsk Region, winner of the SovPROF Cup, Cup of the Irkutsk Regional Council DSO Trud, two-time winner of the Cup of Siberia and the Far East, finalist of the All-Russia Central Arbitration Trade Union Cup, winner of the championship of the second league (1980). WITH 1986 the team is included in the first league under the new name - "Forest Chemist". From the same year, the team began to relate to the Ust-Ilimsk timber industry complex. Over the years, the team was trained by V. G. Kurov (before 1986), A.P. Martyniuk, V.N. Khudorba, S.Z. Shamsutdinov, A.A. Aleshkov, Barinov and Yu. V. Eduardov, Yu. V. Pochkunov, and S. I. Shvetsov. Home matches held at the stadium "Jubilee."

The team began to play I. Osipov and R.Shuvalov, then became known in the compositions of other teams. The club record holder for the season - S. Taranov (44 goals, 2007).

On average, 50% of all hockey players defending the club’s white and green colors are recruited “on the spot” - from students of the Children's Chemistry School “Lesokhimik” in Ust-Ilimsk.

В 2003 "Lesokhimik" won the final tournament of the championship of Russia among the teams of the first league and advanced to the big leagues. The best achievement in the championships of Russia - 12th place (2008).

On the eve of the start of the 2008-09 Russian Championship in the Premier League, the team of masters withdrew from the competition after the sponsor refused to finance.

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