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Cinema "Yarosam" - cinema in Ust-Ilimsk, located in the first district, at the intersection of Prospekt Mira and Dreamers Street.


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pr. Mira 11

[to rule] The history of the cinema

In February 1989 , in the city of Ust-Ilimsk, a new cinema "Yarosam" opened. The name was given to him by the residents of the city, who participated in the competition, and was named so in honor of the river flowing into the right bank. It consisted of two halls, small and large. Plus all the relevant infrastructure at that time. But the troubled 90s came and the cinema gradually lost its original meaning. No, films were still shown in it, but very rarely, but only in a small hall. The big hall was turned over to entrepreneurs and turned into a clothing market.

[to rule] Development

In the summer of June-July 2001., in the "Yarosam" appeared leisure center "Supermax". The heart of this center is a cinema room equipped with modern technology. The Yarosam cinema resumed its activities from the screening of the film “The Brotherhood of the Wolf.” For a long time the people did not see a high-quality movie, only pirated copies on video, rushed and could finally feel and feel the atmosphere of the movie. Just opened the entertainment club "Supermaks", under the club was given a small hall. The club has become a favorite place for young people. Another attraction is the Champion gym. In "Supermax" excellent conditions for families or in close friendships. Here you can sit at a table in the cafe-bar, there are slot machines for children. The administration attaches great importance to the improvement of the territory. A playground has been built - roderrom, where fans of roller skating and skateboarding gather.

[to rule] Changes

From August to November 2007 repairs were carried out, which radically changed the look of the entertainment center. Not only the interior has changed, but also the exterior. The interior was completely redone, new high-back seats were put in the cinema hall. They updated the sound equipment, increased the aisles between the rows, as a result, the capacity of the hall was slightly reduced, but it became much more comfortable. When you enter the first time, you feel a little shock, because for our city these are very significant changes.

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