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Ilimsk (originally Ilimsky burg) was based on the river science (inflow Hangars) at 1630. It was located on the territory of the modern Nizhneilimsky district of the Irkutsk region.


Ilimsky burg. The end of the seventeenth century.

В 1630 year on the place of the future prison was housed. The chronicles say the following:

Ataman Ivan Galkin was sent with 30 Cossacks with a mandate, except for collecting yasak, to be built on the r. Lena prison and collect detailed information about this river and the peoples living on it. On the way, stopping at p. Ilim, he sent a foreman Ilya Yermolin with ten Cossacks to move to the r. Kupu through the ridge, and then go further, and he himself, in the place where he had to move from Ilim to Kupa, was left to build a hut for the yasach collection, called Lena ditch, next year reinforced and renamed Ilimsky burg.

- Mosaic of the Irkutsk Province [1]

General view of the fortress built in 1667. Reconstruction. Click on image to enlarge.
В 1631 wintering was strengthened. In the annals already in 1632 year cabin is called Lensky fortress, apparently by name Lensky portage. AT 1645 The first church was erected in the prison in the name of the Savior, the Hand-made Image. AT 1647 The fortress was given the status of a city in the year, in the same year it burned down and was restored.

Near the Ilimsky prison began Lensky portage. In Ilimsk held a major bargaining. A guest yard, customs, inns, barns were built. Main goods: bread, furs, wood. Swimming from Yeniseisk to Ilima lasted about 60 days due to the large number of thresholds. In Ilimsk, goods were loaded onto carts, and Lensky die in one day they were transported to the river Muka. On the river Flour swam to the river Kupa, and further to the Lena. Along the banks of Muki and Kupy there were settlements, the inhabitants of which were engaged in the construction of river vessels.

July 24 1666 of the year, when the Tobolsk son of the boyar A. Larionov, who temporarily performed the duties of the governor, burned down the prison. The new governor Onichkov, who arrived three months later, considered the place of the old fortress uncomfortable and transferred it to a new location 655 sazhens lower in Ilim.

Layout of Ilimsk prison
The new prison with a log rear had a length of 319 fathoms (689 m) with eight towers, three of which were passable. They were placed between the walls of the guarded walls: from the western side, at the entrance from the Yeniseisk-Spasskaya road; Znamenskaya (Epiphany); from the east, towards the place of the old burg, Vvedenskaya (according to other sources, Nikolskaya). All three towers had in the second tier gate chapels “on the overhang” - in the form small console closed volumes.

- “Orthodoxy on Ilim” on the website of the Holy Trinity Church in Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky. [2]

Ilimsk with 1764 по 1775 years was a district city, then became a provincial, in Soviet times - a village. At the beginning XX centuries Ilimsk population - 700 people.

Famous residents

  • Traveler Erofei Khabarov (in whose honor Khabarovsk was named) in 1655, he was promoted to boyar children in Ilimsk.
  • In Ilimsk with 1792 по 1796 the writer was serving a link Alexander Radishchev. His dead wife's sister came to Ilimsk with his younger children, and later they got married here.
  • In Ilimsk, the adjutant-general of the Swedish king Karl XII Kanifer, who was captured by the Russians near Poltava, was in exile[3]

Ilimsky prison in "Taltsy"

Photo Ilimsk prison.
During the construction of the Angarsk cascade of hydropower plants, the prison was in the flooded area Ust-Ilimsk reservoir. Before flooding, with 1967 по 1975 archaeological excavations were carried out on the territory of the village. Spasskaya Passing Tower (built in 1667) and Kazan Gatehouse Church (1679 city ​​of construction) from the prison were transported to the Irkutsk architectural and ethnographic museum "Taltsy", located 47 km from Irkutsk. At present, the southern wall of the Ilimsky fortress has been reconstructed in the museum.
Passage tower. facades, cut. Reconstruction. Click on image to enlarge.
In 2011, work began on the reconstruction of the Ilimsk prison. The restoration will be done according to a drawing created by a professor at the Pacific State University, Doctor of Architecture Nikolai Kradin on the basis of an inventory of 1702.[4] Ostrog at that time was 200 meters long and contained 8 towers. Inside the fortress walls there will be completed shopping arcades, guard houses, voivodship, salt, powder and sable barns.[5] The two-headed eagle on the Spasskaya Tower has already been restored.[6]

Reconstruction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2011. After restoration, it will be the only wooden fortress of the 17th century in the world, and the Taltsy Museum is the largest museum of wooden architecture in Russia.

A copy of the fort prison in Ust-Ilimsk

В Ust-Ilimsk planned to create open-air museumin which there may be a copy of the Spasskaya roadway of the Ilimsky fortress tower.


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