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City Museum of Local Lore - opened 27th October 1993 of the year


[to rule] History of creation

The initiator of the creation was the head of the city department Tatyana Safiullina. Ethnographic subjects collected by young local historians of the N9 school under the guidance of the teacher of geography Mikhailova Vera Sergeyevna were transferred to the city. They marked the beginning of the museum collection, which today has about 9,000 thousand units of storage.

In March 2006 Year, the museum received the status of a legal entity and became a municipal cultural institution "Museum of Regional Studies", in the same year he was awarded the title "Exemplary cultural institution of the Irkutsk region 2005".

[to rule] Exposure

The museum has several rooms in which historical exhibits of our city are exhibited, reflecting the life, clothes, way of life of people of past generations. The oldest item that can be found in the ethnography hall dates from XVIII century. There is a hall of nature in our museum. Along with the historical time, there are halls where modern exhibitions take place: artistic crafts of our craftsmen, about outstanding people of our city. There are permanent exhibitions devoted to the history of the construction of the city. Ust-Ilimsk и LPK. Thematic meetings and concerts are held.

[to rule] Museum Panoramas

Museum panoramas on site My Ust-Ilimsk created by Brezitsky Ruslan.

  1. Panorama "Ust-Ilim Museum of Local Lore"
  2. Panorama "Ust-Ilim Museum of Local Lore-2"
  3. Panorama "Ust-Ilim Museum of Local Lore-3"

[to rule] Address

Our address: Ust-Ilimsk, Karl Marx 67.

Tel: 3-06-08.

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