Berezovsky, Andrey

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Berezovsky, Andrey - son of Boyarsky, who first planted potatoes in 1768 year and harvested in Ilimsk Province.

Here is how Sherstobayev VN describes it.

April 27 2 1/4 of the spool "was rossied into the rosadnik and covered with frost. And on the onset of warm air, the grown rossad was raised into the ridges." In the fall, 12 pounds of potatoes were harvested. "The magnitude of apples with a Russian walnut and less, and syrzatka in kurchie and leaks eytso". Berezovsky left some seeds for sowing the following year, as an insurance reserve, in case the harvested tubers "are inadvertently spent, but most often through the current icy air."

In addition, Berezovsky wrote to the Ilimsk voevodsky office that he received another 1 spool of potato seeds ..., from which 5 pounds of tubers were born.

Ilim Province Voivodeship January 10 1769 reported to Irkutsk about the experience of Berezovsky.

- Ilim arable land[1]


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